There is no particular theme for most of these, just coins I like for one reason or the other. And as you can see my tastes run from the 17th C. right up to modern.

World Coins

1691 Austria 3 Kreuzer, NGC MS65. Lovely toning and a spectacular looking coin for the 17th C., Salzburg, Prince-Archbishop Johann Ernst.

1795 C Austria 12 Kreuzer (Franz II), NGC MS62. The minor coins are sometimes quite difficult to find in uncirculated, this one is currently the only uncirculated one graded.

Austria 1642 (1963 Restrike) Gold Ducat, NGC MS 67. I don't really collect gold coins but I love some of the restrikes issued by Austria and the Netherlands.

Austria 1872 10 Kreuzer, NGC MS65.

Bohemia 1672 Taler (150 Kreuzer), Prague mint, NGC MS62. Although appearing very crude for a taler this is actually an excellent example of the type, and currently the finest graded.

Ceylon (British Colonial period) 1893 10 Cents, NGC 66. Many of the British colonial coins exhaibit wonderful portraits of the monarchs, Ceylon was no exception. Currently the finest graded at NGC.

FRANCE, Provincial. Crevecœur (seigneurie). Jean I de Namur. 1313-1325. AR Baudekin (23mm, 2.01 g, 8h). Crèvercœur mint. Knight, holding standard with banner, left on caparisoned horse / Cross pattée. Boudeau 2075; Poey d'Avant 6924; Roberts 8414. EF, attractive iridescent toning. Rare.

France 1851 A 20 Francs, Paris mint, NGC 65. A nice example of the 2nd Republic 20 Francs.

France 1867 20 Centime, Strasbourg mint, NGC MS 67 with very attractive toning.

France 1875 A 20 Francs, NGC MS65. A very pleasing example of the 3rd French Republic.

France 1898 10 Centime, Matte Proof, PCGS 64 BN. Lovely color on this scarce matte finish proof.

France 1910 20 Francs, NGC MS65. A lovely example of the 3rd French Republic "Rooster" design.

France 1914 Franc, NGC MS 67 with very attractive gold and dark blue toning. I love this design of the Sower, used on a number of French denominations. Currently the finest graded at NGC.

Germany (West) 1957 J (Hamburg mint) 2 Mark, PCGS PF 64 DCAM. Max Plank commemorative, mintage of 370.

Greece 1964 30 Drachma, PCGS MS65. Wedding of Constantine and Anne Marie.

Hungary Dated 1896 Silver Restrike 5 Korona (KM X-11), NGC PF64. I love the reverse design on these fantasy pieces.

Italy, Genoa 1814 2 Soldi, NGC MS63. A tough coin in mint state grades, currently the only graded mint state at NGC.

Italy, Milan 1792M Croccione (Kronentaler) NGC AU55, Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. Dav  1390. I bought this just because I love the reverse design. Currently the finest graded at NGC.

Italy,  Venice During the Austrian Occupation, 1802 1 1/2 Lira, MS64. A lovely example of a very scarce coin in mint state, this example tied for finest graded at NGC.

Italy Lombardy Venetia 1848 5 Lira, MS64. A lovely example of the one year type for the provisional revolutionary government, this is the "short stems" variety.

Liberia 1896 H One Cent, NGC PF66 RB. Currently tied for finest graded.

Netherlands-Holland 1759 1/4 Gulden, PCGS 65. A realy lovely obverse design, this  particular piece has a nice but off centered strke and attractive light toning.

Netherlands 1825 32mm Bronze medallion, a commemorative issued for Leiden University. I acquired this piece for it's sparse but appealing obverse design.

Netherlands 1989 Silver Ducat, NGC PF67 Cam, another of the restrike designs.

Poland 2006 MW Silver 10 Zloty, NGC PF69UC. A commemorative dated 1932 on the inner coin. Purchased just because I like a coin imaged in a coin.

Sweden, 1898 10 Ore, NGC PF 66. These are very scarce in proof, currently the only example graded at NGC.

Turks and Caicos 1976 20 Crowns, NGC PF65 UCAM, I love the reverse design on this and it's color is spectacular. Proof mintage of 22,000.