Swiss coinage has a long history of really excellent engraving and both technical and artistic quality. In particular during the late 18th C. and early 19th C. the Swiss Cantonal coins exhibit a degree of technical excellence that it is difficult to understand how such high quality coins could be turned out on the relatively primitive equipment they had. I enjoy coins from the various Cantons and the Shooting Talers and related Medals.

Switzerland, Canton of Geneva, 1714 IPD 10 1/2 Sols, NGC 63. A very scarce denomination.

Switzerland, Canton of Bern, 1798 1/2 Batzen, PCGS 64. A rather largish billion coin, 24mm diameter.

Switzerland, Canton of Zuric, 1810 8 Batzen ,NGC 62, a scarcer type.

Switzerland, Canton of Bern, 1811 1 Frank, NGC 66 the finest graded. Their famous reverse with the standing knight.

Switzerland, Canton of Uri, 1811 4 Batzen, NGC 63, a scarce coin with an original mintage of 3,510, currently tied for finest graded.

Switzerland, Canton of Zurich, 1813 B 40 Batz, NGC MS64, ex. Grundy & Q. David Bowers collection.

 Switzerland, Canton of Bern, 1826 5 Batz, NGC 66. Very attractive with light toning.

Switzerland, Canton of Solothurn, 1826 1 Batzen, NGC 66. Blazing luster and strongly clashed dies.

Switzerland, Canton of Aargau, 1826 1 Batzen, NGC 66. A few adjustment marks on the reverse but otherwise very few marks for a 66 and with good luster.

Switzerland, Canton of Aargau, 1826 5 Batzen, NGC 64. A few minor adjustment marks on the reverse but superb original toning. Also note the blundered 2 in the date, and a 6 over 1 in the date.

Switzerland, Canton of Vaud, 1828 BEL 5 Batz, NGC62. I really like the original crusty skin on this one

Switzerland, Canton of Vaud, 1832 1 Batz, NGC 65. A really lovely coin with pale green and gold toning.

Switzerland, Canton of Geneva, 1844 10 Centimes (billion), NGC 66. A common coin but difficult to find so fine, billion does not seem to hold up well to the years.

Swiss Shooting Taler,  1861 Niwalden , PCGS 62. This is a really nice coin for a 62.

Switzerland, 1864 Medal commemorating 50th year of Geneva joining the Swiss confederation, raw, a really lovely obverse design. Recently graded MS63 BN by NGC.

Swiss Shooting Taler - 1865 Schaffhausen 5 Francs. NGC MS62.

Swiss Shooting Taler - 1874 St. Gallen 5 Francs- Really superb toning on this one, in an PCGS 64 holder.

Swiss Shooting Taler - 1876 5 Fr. issued for the Lausanne Shooting Festival. This is an NGC MS63 and shows that the Swiss really knew how to engrave a die.

Swiss Shooting Taler - 1879 Basel 5 Francs. This one in NGC 63, but a really strong piece for the grade.

Swiss Shooting Taler - 1883 Swiss 5 Franc, issued for the Lugano Shooting Festival. This in NGC 62 with some light gold toning just starting.

Swiss Shooting Thaler - 1885 Bern 5 Francs- I really like many of the shooting Thalers and medals.  This one is an NGC 62, with a wonderful image of Helvetia.

Swiss Commemorative Medal, 1886 Battle of Sempach. Another wonderful bit of Swiss engraving. This version is in bronze but they are often also seen in silver. The Battle of Sempach was fought in 1386 and consisted of the Old Swiss Confederacy against the forces of Duke Leupold III of Austria.

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1887 Geneva in white metal, 40mm., R-637c. NGC 62 with prooflike fields and strong cameo contrast

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1890 Thurgau in silver, 45mm, R-1250b. Attractive rich dark toning, NGC 62 in a double thickness slab.

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1892 Glarus in bronzed copper, 45mm, R-808e. NGC 65 BN in a double thickness NGC slab.

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1894 Luzern in silver, 45mm, MS65, mintage of 800.

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1895 Zurich-Winterthur in silver, 45mm, R-1756b. NGC 63.

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1895 Zurich-Winterthur Bronze,  R-1756d. NGC65 BN.

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1896 Geneva  R-962 Bronze, NGC 65 BN.

Swiss Shooting Medal, 1896 Aargau-Baden, R819b Bronze, NGC 63 BN, mintage of 400.

Swiss Shooting Medal,  1901 Luzern, in white metal, raw.

Switzerland, 1934 5 Francs, Fribourg Shooting Festival, this one now in an NGC 65 holder, previously in an old ANACS 66 holder.

Swiss Commemoratives from 1936-1948 - I have put together a complete set of the commemorative coins issued during this period. Switzerland has also issued a series of commemoratives beginning in 1963 but minted in much larger numbers.

Switzerland, 1936 5 Francs, Rearmament Fund, mintage of 130,000, PCGS 67, population 1/0. In the 1930's Switzerland had an air force consisting of approximately 200 aircraft of which less than 20 were operationally ready to do anything, and those 20 were primarily antiquated biplanes. In an effort to rebuild the air force the Swiss government started a rearmament process to raise money including the issuance of their first modern commemorative.

Switzerland, 1939 5 Francs, Commemorating the Battle of Laupen in 1349, in NGC 65. With a mintage of 30,000 the Laupen commemorative is by far the lowest mintage,  and consequently the highest priced. This coin will cost about the same as the other 5 combined.

Switzerland, 1939 5 Francs, Commemorating the Zurich festival, mintage of 50,000. This one in NGC 66 and mostly brilliant.

Switzerland, 1941 5 Francs, 650th Year of Confederation, mintage of 100,150, this one in NGC 65. Really lovely look with some gold toning and dark blue around the rims. The Swiss pieces normally are very well struck and available in high grade.

Switzerland, 1944 B 5 Francs in NGC 65. St. Jakob Anniversary, mintage of 101,680, with a population of 77/32 you can see that these are readily available in high grade. This battle occured in 1443 when the Canton of Zurich was defeated by the seven Cantons of the Old Swiss Confederation.

Switzerland, 1948 B 5 Francs in NGC 65, mintage of 500,400. Commemorating the Centennial of the Swiss Constitution, population 13/11.

1929 Swiss 1/2 Franc in an NGC MS67 holder, this is a long series so it is fairly easy to find a high grade example. One toning spot on the obverse but otherwise nearly perfect, population 26/1.

1982 Swiss 5 Rappen in NGC Proof 69 Ultra Cameo. Nearly perfect, I know it's modern but it was such a lovely design I decided I needed to have one example. It also has a very nice color, these are an aluminum brass alloy and in proof really have a nice look. Population 2/0, but almost every mint or proof set you look at will have similar quality coins.